Emsworth & Hayling Walking Football

Welcome to the home of the Emsworth & Hayling Island walking football club for the over 50s


Walking Football can restart from Monday 29th March


We are starting on Monday 29th March 3:00 at Front Lawn

Who we are

Emsworth and Hayling Island over 50s Walking Football club is a friendly club playing the the increasingly popular game of walking football. We meet twice a week for training and also play in local tournaments with other walking football teams winning a number of tournaments we have entered.

We meet for one and a half hour sessions every Monday and Thursday click here for training times and for directions to our session locations, click here to contact us for more information.

Think about it, age shouldn't stop you enjoying playing football. In fact research says there's no reason why you shouldn't play when you're in your fifties and beyond. The game is not played as you might see it in the premier league; it is very adaptable, can be played at any level of skill and is open to over 50 men and women of all ages and abilities.

As well as football, we regularly organise social evenings and events.